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Leon boellmann

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Боэльман, Леон

Находится показать. По умолчанию. Только США. Северная Америка.

Параметры доставки показать. Бесплатная международная доставка. Показать только показать. The audio would have sounded so much better! The very very best rendition of this work ive heard. Who can compare with this. Смотрите видео онлайн на RuClips.

Смотрите новости мира и кино, сериалы онлайн бесплатно, музыкальные клипы, видеоблогеры. Переключить навигацию Toggle navigation. Erik Wheat 1 месяц назад I used to watch "The Joy of Music" religiously as a child because I loved hearing different pipe organ music and I still do.

Maikind K. Marcia Hill 1 год назад The very very best rendition of this work ive heard. Jane 1 год назад Music just flows from her fingers Jane 1 год назад Superb. Kerstin Martinson 1 год назад At last! Sad to think that tonight, the organ will not ever sound the same again. Klockorino 1 месяц. I was planning a trip almost entirely to see this magnificent cathedral listen to this beautiful instrument.

My heart is torn for Notre Dame. Jonas Hec 1 месяц. Bernard Cromarty 1 месяц. Juli Borst 1 месяц. Maria Webner 1 месяц. One of the first things that came to mind tonight, as this magnificent church is on fire Rest In Peace. May they give you a new voice one day that is bigger and more beautiful than the last.

Russell 1 месяц. TheAntlionGuard 1 месяц. Madeleine Parks 1 месяц. Festy 2 месяца. Very evocative for me, played at the end of each school term. Like some, I prefer the pace of this rendition. Sam Lander 3 месяца. And if you think this is amazing, you should hear Olivier Latry improvise!

Cenydd Smith 3 месяца. Lisa B 4 месяца. Unmatched and glorious work by Latry.

Gerald Moore 5 месяцев. I am obliged to comment on this,,,absolutely the finest recording I have ever heard of this piece,,,,Bis. LimaVictor 5 месяцев. JaxxMann 5 месяцев. Xavier Bordes 5 месяцев. Il y avait grandeur et noblesse chez Widor David Ratelle 5 месяцев. Thomas Brieden 6 месяцев. I would like to know how many tons of air Olivier Latry presses through this organ at 3: Westfale08 6 месяцев. Julian Coulden 6 месяцев. One of the pieces of music by long departed father absolutely loved.

This so reminds me of him and how I seem to miss him more now my mother has joined him. We did see this being played in the Albert Hall in London and that brings back truly happy memories. Rob Osborne 6 месяцев. Cefca Palazzo 6 месяцев.

Suite Gothique (Boellmann) by Ian Tracey on a Makin Organ

Gianmaria Framarin 7 месяцев. Lara Nelemans 7 месяцев. There is nothing like hearing this live in a building that was designed for it I can tell you, spine tingling. Simon Taylor 7 месяцев.

Might it not have been positioned somewhere else in he building? The piece is often played far too quickly or, worse, slowly.

Boëllmann Suite Gothique 1/4: Introduction-Choral. Arturo Barba. Mutin/Cavaille-Coll organ, Madrid

In terms of sound quality, the recording is not ideal. Ben G 9 месяцев. Froman Abe 9 месяцев. Simon Taylor 9 месяцев. Thank you Maestros.

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